• Talent concept

    • Concept of the candidates

      Concept of the candidates

      With a pioneering and innovative spirit,

      A person who is committed to continuous improvement of the work process.

      With the spirit of craftsmanship,

      A person who is committed to improving the quality of his work.

    • Cultivation of talents

      Cultivation of talents

      We regard employees as important partners of the company, uphold the concept of "more valuable for our partners", to provide employees with multi-dimensional and multi-level professional training, in order to comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality and business ability of employees, to achieve the common promotion of employee value and company value.

    • Talent incentive

      Talent incentive

      We adhere to the competitive salary positioning in the industry, give those who want to work with opportunities, give those who can work with positions, give those who can do things with platforms, so that the moral integrity, dedication, diligence, work efficient talent in the organization can stand out.

    The company benefits

    Pay the five insurances in accordance with the law and enjoy statutory benefits such as paid leave; Set up various meal subsidies and distribute holiday gifts; Organize regular travel, physical examination, birthday celebration and other activities; With short, medium and long-term incentive, year-end bonus sharing mechanism; Enjoy various training, internal and external growth and learning opportunities; Set up management, technology, professional multiple career development channels

    Annual check-up

    The company travel

    Company training

    The company an

    Holiday gift


    • Position number Address Release Time
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