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    LED lighting transformer series

    Operating frequency: 20-200khz

    Power range: 3-11w, 11-20w, 20-40w, 70-250w

    High permeability, high efficiency, low leakage, small volume, high temperature performance

    Magnetic core: EE, EC, EI, EF, T, etc

    Magnetic core material: MnZn power ferrite material; High permeability ferrite material; Iron powder core material

    Installation: can be designed according to user requirements

    Examples of magnetic ring/work cap/magnetic bar/ring transformer

    Various materials of magnetic ring, cap shape, magnetic bar, (manganese zinc, nickel zinc, etc.), a variety of iron powder core。

    Power filter

    The power filter is also known as "power EMI filter" or "EMI power filter". It is a kind of filter composed of capacitance, inductance and resistance. It is a kind of filter。Its function is to filter the frequency points of a specific frequency or other frequencies effectively to obtain the desired effective signal。

    Switching transformer

    In the switching power supply circuit, the commonly used typical circuit topology is: forward excitation, back excitation, push-pull, half bridge (full bridge), etc. A typical three-way output forward converter topology is shown below。For dc input voltage of 60-200v and output power of 200W, forward converter is probably the most widely used topology。

    Communication network transformer

    Communication power transformer is mainly used in various high-frequency communication power supply, and it is the most critical part of the communication power supply. The following figure is the block diagram of the overall system supplied by the communication power supply

    Wireless charging coil

    Qi(WPC) supports single-coil and multi-coil topologies with oscillations in the 110-205 kHz range, which is also a major solution on the market today。Inductance technology relies on in-band communication to ensure simple, efficient and safe wireless power transmission。

    New energy vehicles electronic control machine control power transformers

    This type of transformer is mainly used in new energy vehicles and charging piles, and has been successfully applied to ac charging piles, dc charging piles and new energy vehicles to provide high-quality transformer products。The typical power system block diagram and the physical transformer for new energy vehicles are as follows。

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